Shower Tile Options to Consider for Your Bathroom


There are many types of tile you can use in the bathroom to give your home the remodeled and elegant look you desire. Consider the following materials for your bathroom remodeling project.


Classic porcelain tile is usually available in white or other neutral tones, and has a pretty sheen on the surface. Keep in mind that porcelain tile can be slick and requires professional installation to prevent grouting issues. Porcelain is a classic approach to tiling your bathroom for a simple upgrade you'll love. Some companies, like Interior Expressions, know that porcelain is easy to clean with porcelain cleaning supplies and is easily wiped down with a dry rag.


Ceramic is similar to porcelain because of how it is installed, but it has a slightly rougher finish, making it ideal for your bathroom if you have elderly people or kids in the home. Ceramic tile should be sealed to prevent stains from settling into the porous material. Ceramic is very strong and easy to clean so keeping your bathroom beautiful after installation is easy.


Granite is a natural stone that is often used in countertop designs in both bathrooms and kitchens. Granite has many small veins in the colored material to give your bathroom a natural, elegant appeal. Granite is very strong and heat resistant, making it a durable and long-lasting finish for your bathroom floors. Granite is on the pricier side, so if you are on a budget, consider porcelain or ceramic tiles that mimic granite instead of granite.


Marble is one of the most sought after flooring options in the home because the material lasts a long time and has a timeless appeal. If you don't want to have to upgrade your bathroom flooring in the near future due to changes in home styles, then marble is one of the best flooring options to consider. Marble is available in many hues, but classic styles include white, blue, pink, and black. Some marble has tiny veins in it so no slab is identical, creating a natural finish you will love. Tile can also be applied to your bathroom floors in many ways. Classic square tiles with grouting is the most popular form of tiling, although you can also install rectangular pieces or larger slabs for a more mainstream appeal.

When you tile your bathroom floors, keep your budget in mind. Your tiling expert will help you choose the best material for your bathroom to give your living space the appeal you desire.


24 July 2018

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