The Perks Of Vinyl Siding


There are many great ways to improve the curb appeal of your property, but vinyl siding is one of the most popular. It is a great remodel because it allows you to completely alter the look of your home, while also improving its energy efficiency and protecting the structural integrity of your building. This article explains why vinyl siding is such a great investment for all types of homes.

Vinyl Siding is Stylish

First, it is important to dispel the misconception that vinyl siding is cheap and looks like plastic. There are many super inexpensive styles that are very common, mainly because of their price tag. The most common is white plank siding, which is a little shiny and looks a bit generic. Since it is so popular, many people think that all vinyl siding looks like this. In reality, there are many diverse styles of vinyl siding. You may have even seen some of these products but not even known that they are vinyl. For instance, vinyl is produced with detailed textures and prints that look very rich.

Faux wood finishes are usually the most popular because they give a building the look of wood siding without all the upkeep. You can basically find vinyl in any color imaginable. If you are interested in a unique or hard-to-find color, you can find manufacturers who produce custom-dyed vinyl.

Vinyl is Energy Efficient

Vinyl is also a great upgrade because it is installed directly over the top of your existing sidewall. This not only protects the sidewall, it also creates a buffer zone. The space between the vinyl and the wall is usually hollow, which slows down heat loss from your walls. Customers in colder climates often choose insulated vinyl. This further increases the efficiency of your walls, particularly during the winter. You could significantly reduce your reliance on your heating appliances and reduce your electricity bills. Vinyl also helps during the summer (especially if you choose a light color) because it does not absorb sunlight. Also, the buffer zone will slow down heat transfer, making you less reliant on your AC. If you're considering vinyl, make sure you get professional remodeling contractors like those found at Four Seasons.

The fact that vinyl is stylish and efficient make it a great product for any home. You can make your home stand out from others in your neighborhood. It is also a very smart long term investment because it will make your home a little cheaper to heat and cool.


29 December 2016

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