Want To Replace Your Kitchen Windows? 3 Reasons To Go Bigger


Old and outdated windows are going to lead to higher energy costs. This is especially true when they are in the kitchen because you likely spend hours in the general vicinity on a daily basis. This makes it more noticeable compared to a spare bedroom that might only get used once or twice per week. There is nothing wrong with replacing the windows in your kitchen with exact replicas that have better insulation simply due to them being newer and made with better technology. But, it is worth it to consider installing windows that are slightly bigger to enjoy some noticeable benefits.

Bigger Windowsill

An excellent perk that you can get when going bigger is a larger windowsill. You might not have a lot of room to do much or any growing of plants where they are able to soak up the sun all day long. A larger windowsill will make it easy to grow herbs and certain vegetables from inside your home. This will reduce their exposure to wind, rain, snow, and pests, which means having plants that are easy to care for. Plants are not the only things that you can put in the windowsill as it can house decorations just as easily.

More Sunlight

Bigger windows are naturally going to bring in more sunlight. This is beneficial in numerous ways, such as being able to warm up your home on a cold day by letting the light shine through. You just have to rely on the new and improved insulation to reduce how much cold air actually gets into your home. The sunlight is also helpful for your mood, which ties in directly to how much you enjoy being a homeowner. This can turn the kitchen into the place where you go to start off the day in the right mood or to feel better.

Improved Airflow

Through spring and fall, the weather might be tame enough to open the windows. Larger windows will allow more fresh air inside, which is perfect for improving the airflow and making it more comfortable. To maximize airflow, you should prioritize awning or double-hung windows. These window types will allow you to open the windows enough to bring in a considerable amount of air from outside.

Replacing the kitchen windows is standard maintenance, but you can turn it into a legitimate upgrade when you make the decision to get larger windows, even when they are just a bit bigger.


6 December 2016

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