How to Fix Cabinet Molding


Do you have a built-in cabinet where the molding is peeling away from the wall? As a house settles, built-in cabinets and the walls they are attached to can shift. Most often, this causes the decorative molding, especially near the crown, to separate from the wall or the cabinet. Unfortunately, this can make your cabinets look sloppy and out of style. However, you can easily fix this problem without having to replace the molding. All you need is a pneumatic nail gun and new caulk.

Reinforcing the Molding

Often, your molding will look wavy and lumpy if it is separated from the walls. You don't need to pull the molding off of the cabinet to fix this. In fact, you can just reinforce the molding by shooting some more nails into it. It is very important that your air compressor is at the right setting. If there's too much pressure, the nail can shoot right through the molding. If there is too little pressure, the nail head will stick out. When shooting the nails, make sure you hit the thickest part of the molding.

Fixing the Caulk Lines

No matter how many nails you shoot into the molding, it could still look a bit sloppy. It won't look 100% better until you apply a new line of caulk to the edge. To get a durable and good-looking final product, you need to scrape away the existing caulk. A painter's putty knife usually works best for this. It has an angled edge that allows you to gouge away at caulk. You might also need to use a utility knife to first cut through the caulk and break the seal.

When you apply a new bead of caulk, it needs to be a little thicker than the previous caulk line. This way you will completely cover any remnants of the old caulk line. To get the cleanest and straightest line, you should first shoot the bead of caulk into the seam. Then, you want to wipe it away and smooth it out with your fingers. The trick is to do short wipes with your finger pressed tightly into the corner. As you pull your finger away, wipe it clean with a rag. Then, continue, always making your finger clean between each wipe.

This is the best technique for getting professional looking cabinets and restoring the style of your cabinet. With straighter and cleaner molding, your cabinet will definitely look newer and more stylish.

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12 September 2016

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