Revolving Doors: Good For Your Business?


As a kid, you may have enjoyed making multiple trips through the revolving door at the local department store. What you probably didn't realize at the time is that the door was there for practical reasons instead of just your enjoyment. Revolving doors are actually an excellent investment. If you are building or remodeling a commercial building, you should consider having a commercial contractor install a revolving door.

Energy Savings

In both the warm and cold months, a revolving door can save you serious money by limiting energy consumption. Opening a traditional door allows a stream of outdoor air into your building that can drastically lower or raise the temperature. If your building has elevators, the effect is even more pronounced because the air shoots up the shafts and goes out the vents, taking precious heated or cooled air with it. The revolving door stops this draft and offers you significant energy savings. 


Revolving doors offer your building design advantages. They simply look more interesting and give your building an attractive focal point. They also give your architect a powerful tool for creating a powerful design. Although adults enjoy them, children are particularly attracted to revolving doors. Having children push their parents toward visiting your store is certainly a benefit for your business. They also eliminate the constant and annoying sound of doors opening and closing during the business day. The design is simply aesthetically pleasing to a large percentage of the population. 

Crowd Control

Of course, one of the biggest advantages of the revolving door is its ability to manage traffic flow into your store. During particularly busy seasons, people have to awkwardly line up outside traditional hinged doors to enter your business. A revolving door allows traffic to flow smoothly and continually into your building. For people who have their hands full, such as parents with infants, they are particularly easy to use. Also, first impressions are important, and you want consumers to be happy from the moment they enter the store. If their entrance is smooth, you've made a good start. 

Revolving doors offer your business a number of advantages. Even though they've been around for more than 100 years, they are still seen as something of a novelty, so they make your building stand out in a positive way. They truly are a practical addition to your building as well, limiting your energy expenditures in all seasons. When you are considering a remodel or new construction, don't overlook the advantages of the revolving door.   


31 March 2016

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