Pet Friendly Remodeling Ideas


A remodeling project is an opportune time to add a few additions to make your home a little bit more pet friendly. Whether your furry friend is a cat or a dog, there are simple options that are useful and stylish. The following ideas can help inspire you.

Idea #1: A secret entrance

Pet doors can be unattractive, and they can also leave your home open to intruders. Instead of the average pet door, why not create an indoor dog house against an exterior wall. From inside the home it looks like a cabinet. Yet, when you open the cabinet door you reveal a pet bed and a door leading to the outside. When you are away you can lock the cabinet but your pet can still come through the pet door to relax out of the elements. When you are home, leave the cabinet door open so your pet can go in and out at will.

Idea #2: Pet-friendly stairs

Most cats can handle stairs fine, but some dogs have trouble with them – especially smaller breeds. Aging pets, both canine and feline, can also have difficulty with stairs. If you are remodeling the steps in your home, consider adding a ramp strip along one side. This can be a narrow strip that is just wide enough for your pet to walk up without having to climb the steps. Carpeted ramps are best, since they give your pet more traction.

Idea #3: Viewing platforms

This idea is more suited to cats, although you can also use them with smaller dogs that like a window view. Extra-wide window sills or an actual platform can be installed to provide room for a lounging pet. You can even install shelf-like ledges along the walls at varying height so your cats have perches throughout a room.

Idea #4: A pet station

There are several different ways that you can add a pet station into your home. For example, if you are remodeling a bathroom or laundry room, consider adding a pet grooming station. This consists of a small floor basin with a dedicated faucet and handsprayer. This can make it much easier to clean your dog, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors or in the mud. For a kitchen remodel, you may want to integrate a built-in feeding station, complete with a floor level faucet for filling up pet dishes and a hidden tilt-out cabinet to store the kibble.

Contact a local remodeling services company for more tips and ideas.


29 March 2016

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