4 Tips To Get Your Deck Ready For Spring


With spring right around the corner, it is time to get your deck ready for the warm weather. Follow these four steps to get your deck ready for the warm spring time weather. 

#1 Clean Your Deck

The first thing you need to do is get out your big, soft push broom and use it to get rid of the leaves and dirt that has accumulated on your deck over the winter. You want to keep debris off your deck; this will protect the wood on your deck from rotting or becoming damaged due to the build up of natural debris. 

Make sure that the broom you use has soft bristles; if the bristles are too hard, they could scratch the surface of your deck.

#2 Dry Out Your Mats

The second thing you need to do is dry out your welcome mats that you have placed on your deck near the door into your home. Many of these mats are not designed to release moisture, and it can get trapped underneath. Hang up your mats to let them and the wood underneath to dry out. If you fail to move your mats and dry them out, the wood underneath them could become rotten. 

#3 Add A New Coat Of Seal

Next, you need to add a new coat of wood sealer to your deck. If you add a sealer before your current sealer breaks down, you'll protect your wood. If you wait for the sealer to break down, your deck will become exposed to the elements. Applying a new coat of sealer every year or so will protect your deck and keep the wood safe from the elements.

#4 Secure Loose Boards

As you apply the sealant, keep an eye out for loose boards and nails. If you see any nails or screws that are loose, nail or screw them back into place. This will keep the wood planks in place. If any of the wood boards have become loose, you may need to completely replace the nails and screws. Wood is porous and can expand and contract over time, which is why you need to keep an eye on the screws, nails and boards every year.

You can get your deck ready for the warm spring weather by following the tips above. Once you clean your deck off and prepare it for spring, you can pull out your patio furniture and set it up, and start enjoying your nice deck. Check out materials such as trex decking for more information. 


22 March 2016

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