Making A Large Kitchen Seem Cozy


Kitchens are a great space for friends and family to gather. They are not only an area to cook meals and clean dishes, but an entertaining and dining space as well. With all of the functions that a kitchen has, in many homes a lot of square footage is devoted to this room. While this may be great for gatherings and larger families, large kitchens can feel less intimate than smaller spaces. Fortunately there are a few kitchen remodeling projects that can make a large and cavernous kitchen feel cozy and intimate. 

Add A Fireplace

What's more cozy than a roaring fire? Many think of fireplaces as something that belong in living rooms and bedrooms but they can make great additions to a kitchen. Large kitchens are especially well suited to fireplaces. There are many types of fireplaces to choose from including wood burning, gas, ethanol, and electric. A wood burning fireplace with a large hearth is usually the most expensive option and can easily cost more than $10,000. Other options such as gas and electric can cost less than half of what a wood burning fireplace would cost. Adding a fireplace is something that many homeowners can find room for in their budgets.

More Seating Areas

Being able to sit down in a kitchen is a necessity, especially if the room is often used for dining. The biggest advantage of having a large kitchen is that there is plenty of potential for seating areas. Unused corners of the kitchen are a great place for custom built-in seating. A contractor can help design the kitchen layout around comfortable built-in seating that allows the entire family to gather. Comfortable cushions can add a cozy feel to a seating area.

Keep Everything To Scale

One thing that can make any space feel bigger is furniture and lighting that is not to scale. When it comes to a large kitchen, cabinets, furniture, and even lighting must be chosen with the size of the kitchen in mind. Often custom cabinets are needed in order to fit a large space. Cabinets in a large kitchen often need to be taller, deeper, and wider to fit the space. Furniture should be large enough for the space as well. Well cushioned chairs and sofas have the added benefit of not only fitting the space but making it appear more cozy as well. Lighting fixtures that are both large enough to fit the space and that emit warm light are also great choices for a large kitchen.

Making a large kitchen feel more cozy can be a daunting task for anyone attempting a remodel. However, additions such as fireplaces and seating areas, installed with the help of a company like Lifestyle Kitchen Designs, as well as making sure that everything in the kitchen fits the large scale of the space can all work together to make a large kitchen feel warm and inviting.


18 March 2016

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