How To Install Glass Shower Doors


Installing a glass shower door can make your bathroom look so much more stylish, cleaner and even larger. It is a great upgrade from having a traditional bathtub with a shower rod and curtain. A glass shower door will add a sense of permanence and style to the room. You can buy easy-to-install shower door installation kits that fit on bathtub basins of all different shapes and sizes. You only need minimal tools to cut the door tracks to the right size. You also need to be able to lift the heavy glass doors. This article will run you through the installation so you can decide whether or not it is a remodel that you are interested in doing yourself, or if you need to hire a company, like Cornerstone Builders of Southwest Florida, to do the job for you.

What you Need for Easy Installation

First, the installation kit will have nearly everything you need for the project. In addition to the kit, you will also need a simple handheld hacksaw, tape measure, stud finder and level. Everything else should be included in the kit, including the screws.

Bottom Tracks

The first step is to install the bottom track that sits directly on top of the bathtub basin. This track is easy to install because you don't need to attach any screws. The backside of the track will be lined with adhesive, so you just pull away the sticker and place it down. Before you apply the track, you will need to cut it to the proper length. Whether your track is a aluminum or vinyl, you will find that it is very easy to cut with a hacksaw. Make the cut and then put the track in place before exposing the adhesive back. Once you're certain that you have the perfect cut, peel away the paper and set the track in place. You will usually just want to center it on the edge of the basin.

Side Tracks

Installing the sidetracks does not require any cuts, but you will need to attach them to the wall with screws. This is where a stud finder might come in handy, so you can attach the screws in the most useful spot. However, there may not be a stud in range, so you will need to use the included drywall anchors. The anchors, in addition to caulk will fold the sidetracks in place. However, you don't apply the caulk until the final step, so just attach the screws with the anchors first. You will need to use the level to hold the sidetracks straight as you attach the screws.

Top Track

The top track also needs to be cut to length. Since the top track is a little thicker, it is a bit harder to cut. Once it is cut, it will snap right down to the top of the sidetrack. It does not need to be secured with any further fasteners.

Next, bring in the glass panes and hang them from the tracks. They should fit perfectly, and slide with these. Once you are certain that the glass fits, you should remove the glass and set it aside.

Finally, you should apply caulk to the outside edge of all of the traps. This seals the tracks, makes them waterproof and also makes them sturdier. You can rehang the glass doors and start to use your shower after the caulk is completely dry.


17 March 2016

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