Five Features That Will Make Your Bathroom Feel Like A Luxurious Spa


Luxurious, spa-style bathrooms are becoming increasingly common. You might be amazed how easy it is to give your bathroom a more upscale feel -- you just have to choose the right features. Here's a look at five features that are easy to integrate into your bathroom design to give it the spa-like appeal you crave.

Rain Shower

Instead of utilizing a classic showerhead, consider installing a rainstorm water feature. This type of fixture mounts to the ceiling. It's shaped like a big rectangle. Water "rains" down from it so you feel like you're dancing in the rain every time you shower. Installing a rain shower feature will probably require you to have your plumbing amended, but it is not a huge project for an experienced plumber.

Heated Toilet Seat

Never again will you have to sit down on a chilly seat in the middle of the night. A heated toilet seat stays comfortable warm whenever you have it turned on. Some people put theirs on a timer in order to save electricity. If you don't want an entirely new toilet, look for a heating toilet seat that you can place on an existing toilet. You should be able to install this feature yourself with just a screwdriver and wrench.

Heated Floors

If you're considering re-tiling the floor already, adding a heat feature at the same time is pretty straight forward. You can have the system set up so the heated floor turns on and warms up when you flip a light switch. If heated floors are not an option, you can get a similar effect with radiant heating floor mats that just sit on top of your normal floor and provide a cozy surface for you to step on. These are sold in many home goods stores.

Glass Shower Doors

If you still have a shower curtain, simply enclosing your shower with glass doors can go a long way towards making it feel more luxurious. With glass shower doors, you feel like you're bathing in a bigger, more open space, so each shower feels more luxurious. If you're not in the market for an entirely new shower enclosure, there are glass door kits that can integrate with existing shower stalls.

Soaker Tubs

A deep soaker tub allows you to stretch out and relax without your feet going up the wall. Most have a ledge or bench that you can sit and recline on. You can find soaker tubs with and without jets, depending on just how luxurious you want your bathroom to be.

When designing a spa-style bathroom, your options are endless. Visit a bathroom showroom in your area to discover more lovely features for your home.  


7 March 2016

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