Bought A Real Vintage "Fixer-Upper"? Three Approaches To Window Replacement When Windows Are Missing


If you really enjoy a remodeling challenge and want to get a "new" home for cheap, there are many properties that are classified as "fixer-uppers." Not only do these homes need lots of extra work, but some of them may be completely missing parts, like windows and doors. You may not know what approach you should take to this problem. Here are three approaches that might help you decide what to do next.

Restoring Rather Than Remodeling the House

Restoring your vintage fixer-upper means that you will have to put in some extra time searching for the history of the house in local records. This could prove to be both fun and interesting because you may uncover some old pictures of what the house looked like a long time ago or find the original building plans. Old photographs would show what the original (or near original) windows looked like, and the building plans may detail the kinds of windows or style of doors the home had. Anything that can help you recreate and restore the home to its original glory is worth the research, since it is information you can pass on to your remodeling contractor(s) and/or use to order custom windows and doors to replace the ones the home is currently missing.

Door and Window Replacement Without Matching the Ones Available

If your primary goal is to just get window replacements and door replacements installed and worry about the aesthetics later, you could opt for this approach instead. Your door and window replacement expert may be able to get a reasonable match for the windows and doors you need without having to custom order their appearance. As you put the finishing touches on the house, you may find that these approximate matches are sufficient.

Scrounging for True Vintage Windows and Doors

Some home restoration thrift stores collect old and unused home remodeling goods. When you want your replacement windows to be as old or almost as old as the house itself, you could scrounge for replacements in these types of thrift shops. The only things you would need to shop these stores are the measurements for your missing windows and doors and pictures of the remaining doors and windows so you can get a fairly good match at the store. You may have to scrounge around at more than one of these home restoration thrift shops to find what you need, but if you are successful, your project home will look really authentic when it is finished.

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4 March 2016

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