Do Noble Gases And Window Films Make Windows More Energy Efficient?


Windows are a perennial weak spot in a home's insulation envelope. The problem is that windows will absorb the heat from your home, and then as the winter wind blows across the outside of the window, it will absorb heat. The net effect is that the windows cool your home. During the summer, the sun's UV rays can flow right through your window and heat up your home. Thus, when you buy windows, you should try to buy the most energy efficient windows you can find. Noble gases sandwiched between panes of glass in a window can help to insulate your home as can window films. However, one of the options offers clear advantages over the other. 

Noble Gases

By sandwiching a layer of glass between window panes you can partially isolate the interior pane from the outside world, which will help to increase your home's energy efficiency. Some gases insulate better than others. Many windows use oxygen, but the most efficient windows will use argon or krypton gas. These gases are denser than air, and therefore, will allow less heat to pass through them. While these gases can help to isolate your home environment from the outside environment, UV rays can still pass through your windows no matter what type of gas you use. Thus, if you are worried about your home heating up during the summer, you need to take other steps. 

Window Films

Reflective window films can effectively screen out UV rays without impairing your view of the outside world. The more UV rays you screen out, the less you have to worry about summer heat again. The same films you use to deflect UV rays can also reflect heat back into your home during the winter. In fact, a good window film can save you up to 23% on your cooling costs and up to 25% on heating costs. 

No matter what type of gas you use in a window, they will not effectively isolate your home from the outside world. They will help, but they are not enough on their own. While window films can have a much more impressive result on improving the efficiency of your window, they too might not be enough on their own. If you have to choose between noble gases or window films, your best choice is to go with window films, but the most efficient windows on the market will have both. 

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3 December 2015

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