Transform Your Basement Into The Ultimate Family Room


Finishing your basement can significantly increase the space inside your home. However, the point of a finished basement is to create more usable space. Family rooms by design are some of the most user-friendly spaces in the home. Transform your basement by creating the ultimate family room.

Divided Spaces

Unfinished basements are typically one big room. However, such a layout isn't that conducive to usable space. Instead designate areas for different types of activities your family enjoys. For instance, if you have hobbyists in the house, create a niche with the appropriate storage and work space. It's not necessary to use full walls to designate spaces. Use half-walls, banquet seating and even furnishings to divide the space.

Snack Station

In that same vein, the last thing any of you want to do in the middle of your family entertainment is troop upstairs for snacks. It's not necessary to recreate an entire kitchen in your basement. However, one corner can be designated a snack station. Think of the space as a wet bar with extras. Have a short countertop installed, and include at least a cabinet or two for dry goods. Likewise, install a sink and a mini refrigerator.

Light Well

One of the biggest challenges for making the basement habitable is the lack of natural light. Better Homes and Gardens suggests building a window well into your plans. A window well is excavation that leads to a basement window. It's important to make the well both wide and deep to provide more natural light. However, the well also has to be designed so that it doesn't funnel moisture into your basement. Talk to your contractors about the best solution for your space.


No matter how deep and wide your window well, it's not going to be enough lighting. Of course, a single overhead fixture probably isn't ideal either. Instead, layer your basement lighting according to task. For example, if movie night is a prime activity, create a layer of soft lighting around the perimeter that doesn't create a glare on the screen. Recessed lighting works well for this task. For the hobby and snack stations, directed light is the best option.

Finished Ceiling

Another element that makes a finished basement feel homier is a finished ceiling. Unless you're going for a full rustic look in your basement, consider having a drop-ceiling installed. Look for drop-ceiling supplies that are residential in scale to avoid an industrial look. If your ceiling is naturally low, an installed drywall ceiling is a better option.

Once you've designed your space, consider painting and finishing your basement the same way you would any other room to create the ultimate family room experience. Talk to a remodeling contractor, like Marvelous Basements & Remodeling LLC, to get your basement transformation started. 


27 August 2015

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