Shower Tile Options to Consider for Your Bathroom


There are many types of tile you can use in the bathroom to give your home the remodeled and elegant look you desire. Consider the following materials for your bathroom remodeling project. Porcelain Classic porcelain tile is usually available in white or other neutral tones, and has a pretty sheen on the surface. Keep in mind that porcelain tile can be slick and requires professional installation to prevent grouting issues.

24 July 2018

The Perks Of Vinyl Siding


There are many great ways to improve the curb appeal of your property, but vinyl siding is one of the most popular. It is a great remodel because it allows you to completely alter the look of your home, while also improving its energy efficiency and protecting the structural integrity of your building. This article explains why vinyl siding is such a great investment for all types of homes. Vinyl Siding is Stylish

29 December 2016

Want To Replace Your Kitchen Windows? 3 Reasons To Go Bigger


Old and outdated windows are going to lead to higher energy costs. This is especially true when they are in the kitchen because you likely spend hours in the general vicinity on a daily basis. This makes it more noticeable compared to a spare bedroom that might only get used once or twice per week. There is nothing wrong with replacing the windows in your kitchen with exact replicas that have better insulation simply due to them being newer and made with better technology.

6 December 2016

When To Worry About Your Hardwood Floors


Hardwood floors are a luxury flooring option that beautify any room. With just a little maintenance, your hardwood floors can last for years without any problems. For maintenance, Better Homes and Gardens recommends sweeping the floors with a soft mop and a dusting agent every week. Deep clean periodically with a mop dampened by a wood-cleaning product. However, what if you're seeing signs of wear and tear? It may be time to refinish, repair, or even replace your hardwood floor.

22 November 2016

Building A Kitchen Island? Order Cabinets To Speed Up The Process


It is great to be prepared for an emergency in which you may not have access to a grocery store. So you may end up collecting canned beans, vegetables, chili, and various ready-made meals in your kitchen cabinets. If you have decided to build a kitchen island to expand the storage space that you have and to give you more functionality, you should think about ordering cabinets online as this can help you accelerate the whole process.

3 October 2016

How to Fix Cabinet Molding


Do you have a built-in cabinet where the molding is peeling away from the wall? As a house settles, built-in cabinets and the walls they are attached to can shift. Most often, this causes the decorative molding, especially near the crown, to separate from the wall or the cabinet. Unfortunately, this can make your cabinets look sloppy and out of style. However, you can easily fix this problem without having to replace the molding.

12 September 2016

Designing An Authentic Old House Kitchen


Old houses have boundless charm, letting modern families get a glimpse into yesteryear and imagine what they might hear if walls could talk. Unfortunately, over the decades of trends and updates, the original beauty and function of the old house is covered up by carpeting, vinyl, and particle-board cabinetry. If you have an old house that has great bones but a lackluster kitchen, you can put some effort into making the kitchen a shining example of modern convenience while staying true to the original architectural style of the home.

22 July 2016